collective telepresence:

We are studying network-based systems that allow groups of users to "explore" live remote environments such as a rainforest, biotechnology lab, political rally, or rock concert.


  Helmet design by: Eric Paulos, Chris Myers, Mat Fogarty. Photo by Bart Nagel:

The "Tele-Actor" is a skilled human with cameras and microphones connected to a wireless digital network. Live video and audio are broadcast to participants via the Internet or interactive television. Participants not only view, but interact with each other and with the Tele-Actor by voting on what to do next. Our "Spatial Dynamic Voting" (SDV) interface incorporates group dynamics into a variety of online experiences.

The Tele-Actor Project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Intel Corporation, UC Berkeley's Interactive University Project, and UC Berkeley's Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS).

Details on past and upcoming field tests listed on our "news & events" page under "info":



"The problem is to find a form of association which will defend and protect with the whole common force the person and goods of each associate, and in which each, while uniting himself with all, may still obey himself alone, and remain as free as before." - Jean Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, 1762